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Several back issues led me to Andrew Chiropractic years back and I couldn't be happier.  My back has improved tremendously, along with my arthritis in my neck and knees.  Dr. Andrew knows what he's doing and I would encourage anyone having issues to please come for a visit and see what I mean.  It's amazing how good you feel afterwards.  The staff are all professional and want you to get the care you need.  I will always come for my adjustments to keep my mobility and a better way of life!

S. Griffin


... Dr. Keith Andrew, wife Christine, and all his staff are the most wonderful, caring, compassionate, and happy group of people you will ever meet.  They are genuine and truly care about your well-being.  I highly recommend them for your chiropractic needs. 

Sherra Lowder


Several months ago, around August of 2013, my left leg fell asleep a lot. the medical doctor said it was arthritis, but the pain and feelings continued. Then I received chiropractic therapy and felt much better. I received only 12 treatments, then I made a simple mistake and had to go through another set of treatments. Now my leg and back feel real good, my activities have improved, and much better as far as sitting, standing and walking. The entire staff at Andrew Chiropractic are very nice and I would recommend other people to come.

Tony Treece, Head Custodian, Albemarle Middle School


I came in with a terrible shocking sensation in my face. After the suggested treatments with Dr. Andrew, I am 100% better!

L. Bowers


Absolutely loved the treatment, I suffered from severe lower back pain and Dr. Andrew suggested a specific treatment plan that corrected this issue within just a few treatments. I highly recommend him and his outstanding staff.

David Grotenhuis


The condition that brought me here was hip and back problems. Dr. Andrew used chiropractic treatments on me for several weeks. My daily routines became less painful week after week.

Clay Wade


I was unable to use my fingers in both hands. I didn't have the strength to pick up a coffee cup. I started acupuncture, after 8 visits I have improved 100%. The staff is very friendly, pleasant and helped alleviate my fears. Dr. Andrew was and is very informative and answered all of my questions (foolish or not). I am retired and my husband and I play golf and travel quite frequently. I will be able to go bowling again now that I can feel my fingers. I also have the strength to bowl and play golf again.



Lower back pain, chiropractic and therapy three times a week, improved every visit. My life is back to normal. The staff and Dr. are all Great!

Carol R. Koontz

--------------------------------------------------- -

Best ever, thought this would be a long process and would go on forever. I feel so much better and highly recommend Andrew Chiropractic. Do not wait until your pain is so bad. Go early and get relief.

Phyllis Brown


I came to the clinic with annoying shoulder pain and after the prescribed treatment all pain is gone. I highly recommend Dr. Andrew and his great staff.



Very good chiropractic care. Much improvement. Recommend to anyone in need of chiropractic care.



I had pain going down my left leg. It was down below my knee. Over the course of my treatment the pain subsided. It was a process that was worth my while. I am pain free and my back feels stronger. Thank you Dr. Andrew and staff.

Jackie Newark


I came in due to pain in my neck, shoulder, and upper back which radiated down my arm. A high dose of steroids from my primary helped for a while, but the pain came back. After I began treatment at AC&AC the "shooting" pain left within a couple of visits. I continued the prescribed regimen and the pain in my neck and shoulders subsided. Dr. Andrew was even able to address some chronic lower back pain during this time. The day before my release I went to the NC Zoo and walked MILES with my 5 year old with no pain and no pain the following day. Going to a chiropractor was scary to me at first, but the friendliness and professionalism of the staff as well as the results, eased my mind. I would recommend giving it a try, especially if like me, meds are only a temporary relief.

Christi Lambert


Dr. Andrew has been adjusting my back monthly for several years, but I recently came to him with mobility/pain issues in my neck. I am very impressed with the increase in mobility and decrease in pain after Dr. Andrew's series of treatments. Formally skeptical of chiropractic manipulations, I now believe that Dr. Andrew has a healing touch in dealing with issues not addressed by the standard medical profession.

Wally Crawford


Never thought my back would ever feel this great! It has hurt since I was sixteen. I suffer from arthritis and scoliosis, but now I feel wonderful!

Theresa Long